Just Creative’s 2018 Half Yearly Round Up

Here is a quick half yearly round up on my work and personal life.

And why donuts? ‘Cause they’re round. And delicious.

Just Secure

On July 1st, Google Chrome is going to start giving browser warnings if your site is not using HTTPS/SSL. I honestly left this change to the crunch, but I am safe to say all my sites are now HTTPS.

I found this this HTTP to HTTPS tutorial quite helpful (skip steps 6-10 if you don’t use KeyCDN).

Just Pregnant

JUST Pregnant!

For those that follow me on Instagram, you may have seen the announcement that my wife and I are having our first baby, due in mid November!

We’re super pumped for this new adventure and although we’ve been traveling for 3.5 years (hence the globe), we’re going to nest back in our home town of Sydney, Australia while we figure this baby thing out.

For how long we stay put, who is to know?

JUST Pumpin’ Away 😉

I’ve been pretty quiet with sharing new work, but I’ve been pumping away on dozens of projects in all sorts of  industries, including work for Westpac (one of Australia’s big banks), as well as private hedge funds, ethical diamond manufacturers, doggy day cares, cafes, dentists, cleaners, travel guides and everything in between. This is why I love design, as the problems you have to solve, are always different.

Word of mouth, return customers and good SEO have all helped in this steady stream of freelance work which I am extremely grateful / fortunate for.

Just Globetrotting

Our travel blog, Just Globetrotting, has been gaining good traction, with 50k unique visits a month. Although the monetary income is minimal, the doors for collaboration have opened, including working with tourism boards and luxury hotels. The usual deal is: “we get a free stay/tour, in return for a blog post and/or social posts.”

In this new podcast with Steve Folland, we talk about how I work and travel as a freelancing digital nomad.

2018 Half Year Article Round Up


Here is a summary of all Just Creative’s articles from the past 6 months.

Deals & Courses

  • 15 Professional Versatile Fonts inc. Futura Round – Just $29 (ends June 26)
  • 15 Top Skillshare Classes Worth Watching in 2018
  • Top 12 Courses to Take on Udemy in 2018
  • 20 Great Resources to Learn Graphic Design

Logo Design & Branding

  • 10 Best Pro Fonts for Clean and Minimalist Logo Design
  • Color Psychology in Logo Design & Branding Explained
  • Top 6 Benefits of Professional Logo Design
  • New Logotype Masterclass with Jessica Hische
  • 2018 Logo Design Trends & Inspiration
  • My Top 7 Favorite Branding & Logo Books

Web Design & Development

  • 7 User Behavior Principles You Can Use to Improve Your Website Design
  • How to Optimize Your Graphics & Pages for Maximum Speed
  • 10 Useful CSS Snippets Every Designer Should Have
  • 10 of Today’s Biggest UX Challenges (And the Solutions to these Problems)

Social Media / Marketing

  • 10 Strategies to Improve Social Media Engagement
  • Instagram Stories Ultimate Marketing Guide: Tips & Tactics
  • Email Marketing Engagement: 8 Strategies for Keeping Your List Alive & Lucrative
  • 6 Brilliant Strategies to Drive Sales from Email Marketing
  • 7 Pro Influencer Outreach Tips to Ensure You Get a Response Every Time
  • 11 Essential Marketing Strategies for Small Business Owners


  • The Ultimate Guide on How to Find New Clients
  • 7 Top Creative Ways to Make Passive Income Online
  • 8 Tips for Staying Motivated as a Freelancer

Interviews / Personal

  • [Podcast] Creating a Personal Brand with Jacob Cass
  • [Interview] Creative Chats with Jacob Cass
  • [Podcast] Design, Freelance & Travel with Jacob Cass
  • [Podcast] Freelancing while Traveling with Jacob Cass (new)

Creativity / Photography / Other

  • 15 Creativity Killers And How To Eradicate Them
  • How To Take Great Photos For Your Graphic Design Projects
  • Hiring Freelance Graphic Designers VS Design Agencies
  • The Best Laptops for Graphic Designers 2018

If you have any questions, let me know!


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