Our Favorite Works: Meghan Newell, Mike Rice and Viet Huynh

We’re getting closer and closer to our final deadline for the HOW In-House Design Awards. To celebrate, we decided to showcase some of the work from our outstanding judge’s for this year’s competition. 

Things to remember: The final deadline for HOW’s In-House Design Awards is July 2nd. We’re accepting entries for the following:


  • Business-to-Business
  • Consumer
  • Education (schools, universities, daycare)
  • Entertainment (music, movies, media)
  • Financial/Legal (banks, mortgage companies, investment firms)
  • Government (local, state, federal)
  • Food & Beverage
  • Sports
  • Travel
  • Health Care (pharmaceuticals, doctors’ offices, hospitals, insurance providers)
  • Nonprofit Institutions, & Associations (museums, zoos, churches, charities)
  • Technology & Science
  • Architecture/Interior Design

Best of Show winner takes home a Big Ticket registration to HOW Design Live 2019, is invited to take part in a main-stage trophy presentation at HOW Design Live, gets a lunch date with the HOW Design Live speaker of their choice*, and plenty of other goodies. All winners will see their work published in The Best of Design, a hardcover book from HOW showcasing the best from today’s leading art directors, studios and creative professionals. To see a full list of prizes and to enter your team’s work, visit us here.

Meet the judges—and some of their best work—below!

Meghan Newell

Meghan Newell is an art director, designer, illustrator and animator with more than a decade of experience. Currently senior art director at Lyft, Newell led the creation of the Lyft Economic Impact Report that took home a win in HOW’s In-House Design Awards last year. “I love everything involved with visual communication, and thrive on using keen observation, curiosity, and a dual obsession with technology and design to create beautiful solutions,” shares Newell on her website.

Newell is responsible for another one of our favorite Lyft projects: The 2016 Lyfties.

“In the second installment of Lyft’s annual awards, I was able to take the helm and rework the assets from the previous year (illustrations by the talented Danielle Diessner and website bones created with Mark Teater and Zach Cole) into a sassy new set of revamped materials which included a responsive website, award letter, business promo card, blog post, email communications and most excitingly – a fully realized physical award cast in cement that I had designed and developed in Cinema 4D.”

Mike Rice

Mike Rice is creative director for Amazon’s brick-and-mortar book stores, where he leads creative strategy, exploration and execution across all customer touch points for the Amazon Books brand. Formerly, Rice served as design director at brands like Whole Foods (see below), PepsiCo and Procter & Gamble. He recently shared his thoughts on books, leadership and in-house design—check it out!


Viet Huynh

Viet Huynh is a communication designer at Slack, the collaboration hub we all know and love. You can find his latest work—from personal projects to freelance branding for his “ride-or-die local barber,” who gives him the best fades he’s ever had—on Dribbble and on his website.

One of our favorite works by Huynh is the poster design her created for a Converse Rubber Tracks Live — San Francisco show, featuring Antown and Schoolboy Q.


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