Adobe Unveils AI Technology That Can Identify Images That Have Been Photoshopped

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Adobe has come up with a brilliant new tool that is capable of detecting images that have been tampered with.

Adobe researcher Vlad Morarium has incorporated artificial intelligence to look for signs of manipulation that are not visible with the naked eye.

The AI is able to identify if the image has been altered or if several elements have been removed from the photo. Adobe has, however, added a disclaimer that there is no technology currently capable of providing a wholly foolproof verification system.

Existing tools are able to scan an image file’s metadata to retrieve signs of alteration and inconsistent lighting, but these tests are easily . Morarium developed an AI network that is able to spot color change and noise consistencies across a wide range of images.

The initial experiment focused on three manipulation techniques comprising ‘splicing’, where two separate images are placed together, ‘copy-move’, where elements in an image are or cloned and ‘removal’, where an object is eliminated from the image.

Morarium learnt that these techniques leave strong contrast edges, intentionally smoothed areas, and different noise patterns. The new tool can also spot differences in illumination and abnormal compression in the future.

This newly developed technology, however, is said to complement rather than replace the “traditional means of trust” in photojournalism.

Adobe Research director Jon Brandt explained that news organizations have publish guidelines on the appropriate techniques for photo editing in news media. Therefore, this tool aims to help supplement the authenticity check as part of the process.

[via PetaPixel, opening image via Adobe]


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