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As HR Manager for 25 years in various companies, I have seen many candidates who are dead scared to face the interview. However, this fears goes down considerably during the next few minutes. In psychology, it is believed that people make a strong opinion about the next person during first 30 seconds of meeting . This is called Halo effect. You never get a second chance to make the First impression.

The most common question in a formal job interview is “Tell me something about yourself”. And many candidates tread the wrong path. If you start with your name, family and education, you are merely repeating what is already known to the interviewer through your resume.

An effective way to respond to this question is by narrating a story. Weave an interesting concoction of your background, skills and aspiration of about three minutes and present it with enthusiasm, emotions and conviction.

A) – The place where your were born and brought up, what were your childhood learning, parents values and how how it shaped your personality.

B) Skills – What skills your acquired, who helped you in identifying these and who mentored these. How you enjoyed these new acquired traits.

C) Aspirations – How your background and skills will help you realize your dreams and goals. What road ma are you following ? And how the company will benefit by your association and skill set.

The story will keep the interview interested in you. More interested he is, higher chances of selection.

Luck does not play any important role here. Preparation does. Check out for example….

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