Shaving Company Features Actual Women’s Hair In Refreshing Ad To Shatter Clichés

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Most shaving ads aimed at women usually feature a female model holding a razor and shaving hairless skin that, in reality, makes no sense at all.

Body care brand Billie is shattering that norm with a latest campaign called ‘Project Body Hair’. Billie’s new revolutionary advertisements that show women shaving off actual hair acknowledges the fact that it is completely natural and normal for women to have body hair.

Co-founder of Billie, Georgina Gooley, explained that the team had done a lot of research involving shaving ads for women and unfortunately found that females were being “spoken to in clichés.”

Gooley added that women are usually referred to as goddesses and are made to feel ashamed about body hair, which is natural.

The company wishes to normalize body hair through its ads while demonstrating how the razors work, so women are able to see how to “get all the hair out.”

In addition to donating these images of women with body hair to Unsplash—a stock photo website—to be used for free, Billie is crowdsourcing images of women flaunting their body hair through its hashtag ‘#ProjectBodyHair’.

Gooley hopes that the act of shaming women for their body hair will be a thing of a past.

📣 For more than 100 years, women’s razor brands haven’t shown women’s body hair… until now. Introducing #ProjectBodyHair. A celebration of body hair, wherever it is or isn’t. 📣

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[via Mic, images via Billie, Unsplash]

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