This Week in Spring – Only Infotech26th, 2018

Hi Spring fans and welcome to another installment of This Week in Spring! This last week’s been fun! Since we last spoke, I have been in Amsterdam (customers), London (SpringOne Tour London); Paris, Fr (JHipster Conf); Krakow, Pl (Devoxx PL); and now Sao Paulo, Br (Spring Connect SP). It’s been a wild ride and it’s nice to conclude the journey here in Brazil with one of the largest Java communities on earth.

And, as a cherry on top, there is a ton of great stuff to look at in this week’s roundup so let’s get to it!

  • Spring Data Geode / Gemfire lead John Blum has just announced the Spring Boot integration for Apache Geode and Pivotal Gemfire 1.0.0.M1. It supports look-aside caching using Spring’s Cache Abstraction, system of record (SOR) using Spring Data Repositories and Spring transaction management, distributed compute using function implementation & executions, event stream processing (ESP) using continuous query, domain object versioning/serialization using PDX, Security, authentication / authorization, and TLS using SSL.
  • Not one to rest on his laurels, Spring Data Geode/Gemfire lead John Blum has announced Spring Session for Apache Geode/Pivotal Gemfire 2.0.3.RELEASE
  • Check out this minimal Spring Fu webapp that now compiles to a native image successfully with Graal 1.0.0.RC2 and Kotlin 1.2.60 (will also work with 1.2.51), and Netty! Startup time is < 3 ms with Graal on my admittedly fairly quick Linux/Dell Precision 5520 (to be compared with 900 ms with Java 10). The self-sufficient executable size is 50 MB but there’s every reason to think we can reduce it.
  • Hi Spring fans! We’ve officially concluded our latest season of Spring Tips, season 4. If you want to learn more you should check out this recap post which lists every installment of Spring Tips to date. As always I’m keen on any suggestions for the latest and greatest tips. And don’t worry, we’ll be back! 🙂
  • Now that Spring Cloud Finchley GA is out, I thought I’d put together a recap of the road to reactive Spring Cloud. Check this out
  • Good news everybody! The Vaadin guide on has been updated to Vaadin 10 thanks to Vaadin’s very own Matti Tahvonen
  • This is super cool! Project Blockhead is an open service broker compliant implementation that supports Ethereum, the result of a hackathon, too!
  • Stephane Nicoll and Brian Clozel’s talk, Spring Boot 2.0 Web Applications, is now available online. Here is the video and here is the code.
  • I did a talk, Bootiful Kotlin, from Kotlin Conf 2017, that is now available online. It’s a little outdated but it’s a roving tour of all sorts of integrations, classic and cutting edge, in the Spring and Kotlin universes.
  • I really like this post from Pivotal’s own Richard Seroter on four Spring Cloud projects that you should definitely check out
  • I love Spring Test lead and JUnit lead Sam Brannen’s explanation on the differences in autowiring in a regular Spring component versus its use in a JUnit test class.
  • German consultancy and software house Codecentric, who’ve appeared in This Week in Spring a number of times, have announced their hiterto German-languge only Softwerker magazine is now available in English. They often have articles on Spring so I’d bookmark this. And if you read German, check out the back-issues!
  • Check out Spring Data Gremlin, Microsoft’s integration for any database that supports the Gremlin query language, of which CosmosDB is but one particularly interesting option
  • This is an oldie-but-a-goodie from Michael Simons on how to configure a Spring Boot application to use JUnit 5
  • I like this post on using the functional and reactive Spring support in Spring Framework 5 and Spring Boot 2, as a microframework of sorts, to turn the World Factbook API into a REST API
  • Jenn Strater’s epic talk on documenting RESTful APIs with Spring REST Docs on InfoQ
  • Check out this video tutorial series on using BOSH to manage infrastructure.
  • I love this blog on optionally injecting dependencies into your Spring code. Did you know you can inject dependencies that may be present (or not) using Java 8’s Optional<T>, JSR 330’s Provider<T> and Spring’s longest supported ObjectProvider<T>?
  • This is a super cool tweet from Noopur Gupta demonstrating running tests on specific platforms using new JUnit 5 annotations
  • I like this example demonstrating Spring Webflux and the reactive-pg-client.
  • Codecentric’s Spring Boot Admin 2.0.1 released! The new release now includes Spring Cloud DiscoveryClient support, now that Spring Cloud Finchley is GA. Hurray and congrats to the Codecentric team!
  • The next iteration of Spring Boot, Spring Boot 2.1, is going to be awesome. It includes faster startup, immutable and scannable @ConfigurationProperties, Netty support for HTTP/2, functional bean registration support, and more!
  • Check out Spencer Gibb’s Spring I/O 2018 talk, Introducing Spring Cloud Gateway
  • JHipster v5.0.0 has been released, the day before Jhipster Conf, and it features support for Angular 6, React, Webpack 4, Spring Boot 2 and more
  • Is Cloud Foundry still relevant in the age of containers and serverless? Yes. In fact, it’s even more relevant. Check out this amazing writeup


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