Yes, designing for print exclusively in Photoshop is a crime – Only Infotechprintshop.

imgur link to screenshots.

So, no, you won't go to jail, but your results will not be as good as they could be – most notably for type and vector logos. I designed a rather attractive business card template, and placed a vector pdf logo, added type, and a 300 dpi photo. I copied said graphics from Indesign, pasted into photoshop, and retyped some stuff using the PS type tool just show you I wasn't cheating. See screenshot layers as evidence. I exported a press quality pdf from ID, and I placed the native 300 dpi .psd file in ID and exported a press quality pdf. That is exactly what I would do if you gave me a .psd file as a completed print asset. My press RIP and my digital color machines all run on PDF workflows, as do most/all commercial printers. Yes, if I really wanted to I could get something to print from PS or ID or Corel, or Paint, or my RIP can open a tiff, but that's not how things usually work for real jobs from real clients.

I open both pdfs in my press RIP, and zoomed in for a full preview. Rendered at 1204 DPI @ 120 line screen. Not a lot is visible at this zoom level, but you can clearly see how janky the 300 dpi type and vector graphics render from the psd, not to mention the pasted stuff took on Photoshop's horrid rich black mixture rather than a pure 100 K – as I specified for the type I created. The vector type and graphics from Indesign are smooth and sharp. I'll explain more if you have specific questions.

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