3 ways to jump-start your PR career

This article originally appeared on PR Daily in June of 2017.

Standing out from co-workers and earning the respect of your boss can be
crucial elements of a successful PR career.

Whether you’re a recent college graduate or someone entering the public
relations industry from a similar field, there are a few behaviors that new
PR pros can immediately put into practice to impress their supervisors.

Follow these tips:

1. Do your research.

Research is a major part of PR, and executing it appropriately is
essential. Here are examples of applying that practice to day-to-day tasks
to help you shine:

  • Research every client you’ve been assigned to.
    Learn as much as you can about any client you will represent. When
    given an assignment or discussing the client, you will have applicable
    knowledge, which your supervisor will appreciate.

  • Research possible answers to any question you may have before you ask.

    Asking questions shows an eagerness to learn and that you want to get
    the job done right. When you take the initiative to find an answer before coming to your supervisors, that saves them valuable
    time and shows you are resourceful.

  • Research media outlets and contacts applicable to your clients.

    Don’t wait to be told which reporter to pitch or where to send a
    client’s news release. Learn which reporters cover your client
    industries, and get to know those who have previously written about
    your clients. Read their work to learn how they write, which topics
    they focus on and what angles they favor. Not only will this prep you
    for media relations assignments to come, but you might also come away
    from your research with story ideas to suggest for your clients.

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2. Offer your input.

It may be assumed that as a newbie, you should be listening more than
talking, but if you have something insightful to offer, speak up. Not only
does this convey confidence, but you also can provide a fresh perspective.
Whether speaking from life experiences or from research, your supervisor
will be impressed that you applied your knowledge to the present situation
and had the self-assurance to voice your insight.

3. Go above and beyond.

For someone new to the industry, this might be as simple as checking out a
few more resources than those outlined in a research assignment and taking
extra time to format your research into a presentation-style document.

For someone with a little more applicable experience, going the extra mile
might mean taking a shot at Steps 2 and 3 when only Step 1 has been
assigned. For example, if you were assigned the creation of a news release
(Step 1), once it was completed, you might also try crafting the email
pitch to accompany the news release, as well as identifying the targeted
media contacts.

By doing those three things, you will not only improve your reputation with
your supervisor, but you will also enhance your PR game overall.

Kerri Guyton is the director of brand content at
Obsidian Public Relations.

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