8 Creative Ways To Turn Your Projects Into Blockbusters With Video Templates

Images by Envato Elements

Ever wished your video projects could be as attention-grabbing as a superhero blockbuster or a primetime news broadcast?

We’ve got good news. With video templates from Envato Elements, it’s now easier and more affordable than ever to integrate these stunning effects into your own creative presentations.

Envato Elements boasts a wide selection of 60,000+ video assets including motion graphics and video templates which you can customize with ease using popular editing tools such as After Effects, Motion Project Files and Final Cut Pro.

The database also features an array of professionally shot and edited stock footage, which are ready to be inserted into your work for that extra oomph.

Take a look below at some of our favorite video templates that promise to help your projects turn heads like a high-budget Hollywood production would.

1. Amaze your audience with a spectacular introduction straight out of superhero blockbusters

Superhero Logo by Ultinato

2. Take cues from filmmaking and make your project red carpet-worthy with professional studio reveal effects

Studio Logo Reveal by SUPER-8

3. Highlight your images with extraordinary detail with this collage that is highly-customizable

Photos by SUPER-8

4. Inspire your prospects with the fast-paced urban momentum of New York City

Subway by motionvids

5. Present a futuristic outlook for your app and mobile website with sophisticated visuals

Trendy App Promo by Videostones

6. Launch a groundbreaking idea or product with this epic transition

Epic Logo – Apple Motion by bank508

7. Keep your audience engaged with a trendy, upbeat fashion opener

Fashion Plus Media Opener by TranSMaxX

8. Make a powerful statement in the style of breaking news broadcasts

Broadcast News Package by EFEKT_Studio

Beyond videos, Envato Elements is also great for designers, web developers, freelancers and marketers. Whether you’re dealing a project for your clients or are just creating something for your portfolio, assets such as stock photos, fonts and web templates can definitely ease your workflow.

All creative assets are created by a global community of top independent designers and you can have an unlimited access to over 600,000 items for just $29 a month.

A monthly subscription gives you access to the full content library and a broad commercial use license. That means no more worrying about complicated licensing procedures so you can focus on making great creative work.

Head over to Envato Elements now and discover its amazing collection.

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