5 things to include on your website to showcase your alternative healing therapies

Starting a new business is an exciting and sometimes overwhelming process. However, there are a few things that every business needs in the modern world of eCommerce to help ensure success. A quality website is one of those items. Consumers now expect that any business selling a service, such as alternative healing therapies, will have, at the very least, a basic website that provides details and contact information for the company.

5 must-haves for your alternative healing therapies website

Establishing a superior website is a business’s best marketing tool. Here are five must-haves for alternative healing therapies practices’ websites.

  1. Informative About Us page.

  2. An honest Testimonials page.

  3. Detailed Services page.

  4. Accurate Contact page.

  5. Interesting and relevant blog.

Ready to stand out from the sea of competitors online? Then keep reading for some in-depth advice.

1. Informative About Us page

Think of the About Us page as your first handshake with a new customer or client. It is where potential clients will get to know about your company and its qualifications. An exceptional About Us page will provide:

Company history

Consumers want to know who they are doing business with. Tell them about your company’s background, qualifications, special certifications, and maybe even why you started the business in the first place. (As long as it’s not simply saying “to make money,” since that is everyone’s endgame.) An alternative healing therapies practice will want to include industry-specific licensing and certification information that is particular to the business. Staff licensing and certifications will be placed in their individual biographies.

Company philosophy

Also known as a mission statement, the company philosophy section tells clients the direction and ethics of the company. That information allows potential clients to choose reputable companies with similar beliefs with which to do business.

Company policies

These are items like returns, business associations, and ethical philosophies that are the foundation for daily business practices.

Staff biographies

Staff biographies are a great way to introduce your associates and their experience, qualifications and background. This is especially important in holistic or alternative healing therapies practices.

Using professionally done headshot images of your staff on their bio creates an instant connection between staff members and clients, so that when clients and staff members meet in person for the first time, there is no doubt they are talking to the same individual.

Some sites might opt to have separate pages for staff bios and company policies if there’s a significant amount of information to be included on these pages.

2. An honest Testimonials page

Too many companies are hiring writers to create random testimonials and reviews to promote their business, services or products. This, unfortunately, has made reviews a much less effective resource for consumers to evaluate potential products or companies.

Search engine providers, as well as consumers, have figured out this scam and are now more skeptical when it comes to sites with testimonials and reviews that are too perfect.

Besides being more skeptical, search engine providers have improved their optimization algorithms to compensate for these types of unscrupulous business practices by placing companies whose reviews and testimonials look faked lower in the rankings or designating these sites as spambots.

When you provide honest testimonials on your website — including those that reflect both positive and negative aspects of your alternative healing therapies business — it does three things:

  1. Raises your company in SEO ranking.
  2. Represents your company as reputable and honest.
  3. Provides your business with vital consumer information as to what your clients think of your work, services or product.

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to collecting honest testimonials, then read this post.

3. Detailed Services page

Your business’s services page provides customers with details about the kinds of services your company provides in addition to what is included with those services. It provides potential clients with the information they need to comparison shop, make an informed decision, or ask informed questions. It also minimizes the amount of time you and your staff spend answering straightforward, everyday questions so that you can focus on other more productive tasks.

The services page should include up-to-date prices, a detailed of what is included with each service or product, and any contraindications or requirements for specific services offered.

This page also might have a section for ongoing promotions or seasonal offerings. It is critical that pricing is maintained to avoid confusion and possible legalities, so you might want to post seasonal selections without pricing if pricing will be changing seasonally.

4. Accurate Contact page

It is ineffective to have a Contact Us page that is out of date or filled with non-functioning links. Your Contact page is similar to your business’s telephone. It is where your online clients reach out to your company for information, questions, and even scheduling in some cases.

You would not want your marketing materials to have the wrong phone number or to have your business’s phone service crash throughout the workday, inhibiting customers and clients from reaching you. The same is true about making sure your information on the Contact Us page is accurate. This page should include:

  • Relevant email addresses
  • Physical address, if you have a brick-and-mortar business
  • Mailing address
  • Phone number
  • Possibly a fillable contact form

Additionally, you need to maintain any hyperlinks to ensure they are consistently functional. Potential clients can get frustrated when clicking on broken or obsolete hyperlinks.

5. Interesting and relevant blog

Having a blog on your site is about more than promoting yourself and your ideas. A business’s blog provides a company with a platform to inform customers and clients on topics of interest in their field.

The key to an effective company blog is to keep it:

  • Fresh
  • Accurate
  • Current

Keeping your blog page fresh means writing posts about relevant industry news and upcoming events, and including updates and company announcements so potential and current clients stay informed.

To keep things fresh, consider accepting contributor posts that are related to your alternative healing therapies business. This not only creates diversity in writing style, but it also improves cross traffic between sites, improving your website’s view statistics.

Managing a blog takes time, and you’ll want to fine-tune these skills to keep your content fresh and engaging:

Good grammar and proofreading skills

Besides the fact that most people dislike stumbling through poorly written sentences, poor grammar and shoddy proofreading reflect badly on a company. They indicate either a lack of education or a lack of caring. Neither of which is an acceptable representation of your alternative healing therapies practice. So, proofread, proofread, proofread.


Coming up with relevant, informative, and interesting topics that do not come across as redundant is more challenging than you might think, especially when writing about industry-specific information. But, it is imperative, for keeping viewers returning to read more informative content.

Research abilities

Accurate facts, statistics, and details are vital to having a reputable and high-ranking SEO blog.

Keeping your blog articles accurate takes research.


Understanding which sources are reliable, informative, and authoritative is your first step toward researching detailed, informative topics. The second step is to understand your topic well enough to ask the right questions and search out the answers prior to writing about a specific idea.

Technical knowledge

To manage a blog, it is important to have a proficient working knowledge of the platform it’s hosted on (i.e., WordPress). In addition, you’ll also want a good grip on any image-editing software (i.e., Photoshop, though Canva is a great option for those just starting out) and grammar/proofreading programs you might need in order to write proficiently.

Editor’s note: Want to take some of the stress out of running a blog? Ditch the technical aspect of maintaining the platform by using GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress. We handle the routine updates and nitty-gritty techy stuff, and all you have to do is write and publish your articles. It’s as simple as that.

Quality images

Images are probably one of the trickiest parts of a blog or website of any kind. Locating open-source images online that do not infringe on copyright laws can be confusing and frustrating. Using open-source sites, such as Creative Commons, is a viable alternative to paid sites like Bigstock and Shutterstock. However, for some industries, the selection of images might be limited, so you might want to take your own pictures if you are handy with a camera and editing software.

If you do not possess these skills or simply do not like to write, your best option is to hire a professional to write monthly or bi-monthly posts. Doing so will provide your alternative healing therapies practice’s site with the professional look and feel you want while freeing up you and your staff’s time to work with clients.

In conclusion

So there you have it — five must-haves for your alternative healing therapies website. Hopefully you now have a better grasp on what to include when it comes to your online presence. In the very least, make sure you tell your business’s story and keep your contact information front and center!

Editor’s note: Ready to build a website for your business? Consider GoDaddy GoCentral Website Builder. You can create a beautiful site in less than a hour, giving you more time to do what you do best — run your business.

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