Dunkin’ Donuts Officially Launches ‘Donut Fries’ Following Successful Trial

Image via Dunkin’ Donuts Newsroom

Contrary to what some might believe, there can never be too many kinds of fries. Burger King has ‘Crispy Pretzel Chicken Fries’, Nando’s serves halloumi fries, and a YouTuber has invented a burger inside of French fries. As the saying goes, it’s fries over guys… and girls, and everything else.

Dunkin’ Donuts now has its own version of the fast food side order—and it’s in donut form, of course.

Previously, internet users got hold of the fact that the chain had been testing ‘Donut Fries’ in select stores across Boston. While Dunkin’ Donuts supposedly wanted the experiment to remain low key, “America noticed, and thousands took to social media… [asking] us to bring ‘Donut Fries’ to their local Dunkin’.”

Customers in Boston who tried these snacks thankfully gave them a thumbs up, so the franchise has decided to introduce them nationwide.

You might be wondering, “What’s the difference between these and regular churros?” As amazing as the idea of ‘Donut Fries’ already sounds, the chain played around with “different kinds of dough,” as well as various ratios of cinnamon and sugar, to develop the item.

The end results are croissant-like donut sticks that are buttery and crisp. “They are sharable. They are fun,” said Rick Golden, Dunkin’ Donut’s Manager of Donut Excellence. “What’s not to love?”

That’s not all. Alongside these cinnamony ‘Fries’, Dunkin’ Donuts is introducing a brown sugar cold brew coffee, a new ‘Chocolate Coconutty’ donut, and a ‘Shark Bite’ donut with shark-shaped sprinkles that, most unfortunately, the brand hasn’t released any images of.

The limited edition item will be available in stores across the US beginning 2 July, and will be priced at only US$2 for five ‘Donut Fries’.

Image by Dunkin’ Donuts Newsroom via GIPHY

Image via Dunkin’ Donuts Newsroom

[via Bustle, images via Dunkin’ Donuts Newsroom]


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