My first footsteps with Linux

Hey folks!

I am a graduate student who wants to start a career as a Programmer and started using Linux (Ubuntu) in January 2018. It was a bit of a challenge at the start for me as I did not understand what terms like mount means. I am focusing on JavaScript and installation of Development environment was a pain in the ass on windows while things felt more solid and smooth on Ubuntu (nodejs, npm, git). Thanks to the Ubuntu community for helping out newcomers! Currently, I consider myself a pro-beginner user (can install packages, use command line, etc) and I'd like to share the resources that helped to advance in the past months:

  1. answered most of my questions (many answers are already there) and provided quick solutions to my Ubuntu Linux issues
  2. I watched multiple videos and followed blogs like for various installation tutorials
  3. helped me to get an overview and reference
  4. linux-command-line-for-beginners I got this video course on Udemy for a discount price from a friend (the discount offer looks still valid – you get it for a cheap price ~10$) . It helped me with Linux shell commands. Highly recommended.
  5. How-Linux-Works is a good read. Helped to understand what Linux OS is (read 70% of it). Very Highly recommended!

If there are more beginner oriented resources, please share. Thanks!

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