We’ve been busy, here’s an update!

There is excitement like I’ve never seen at Linux Academy. Over the past 12 months, our team has gone from 35 people to 105 full-time staff. We’ve been quiet, we’ve been building ourselves up week by week, and we’re only going to get better.

Let’s Get To It

At Linux Academy, on any given day we deploy to production about 15-20 times using our CI/CD container pipeline. A lot of this code is in the backend, and a lot of it is moving our monolith to a microservice/service-oriented architecture. The goal behind this is to be able to bring you better and faster updates and modernize our own application setup, which we have done! Even our own development team uses Linux Academy training for these things.

We have 26 different application services to date (not counting micro service functions which range way more than that) running our next generation learning platform (of which you’re going to start seeing). Our stack is made up of Ruby/Node.JS/Go/PHP/Angular and we run our stuff on two different types of setups. One, we use containers, and the other we use a framework to explore serverless only development.

Our development teams support not only our customers but also our course authors. We develop in-house tools to help our course authors bring you innovative learning solutions like interactive diagrams and hands-on labs. Managing those at scale is nothing short of awesome (In a later post I’ll talk more about our engineer and lab setup since we have over 900 hands-on labs that are live environments and have to be tested on a daily basis).

So what have we released customer facing?

    • In April we had our single biggest content launch in history. See all the content here.
    • We are going to more than double that historical event by launching 150+ items in July, ONLY THREE MONTHS LATER! See pre-release announcements here. What is more impressive is we don’t just provide lame powerpoint videos. We provide interactive videos that include hands-on labs, so you aren’t bored while watching and actually learn to do more than pass your exam, you learn to be a professional!
    • We’ve launched our new practice exam system that is 200 times faster and more flexible than our previous one, and this is just our initial release, there is more to come! Say Hello To Our New Practice Exam System!
    • We added the ability to skip forward and backward in our videos. Details here.
    • Launched streaming CDN within India to bring high-quality videos even closer for streaming. Details here.
    • We added even more speed controls to our video player. Details here.
    • We launched our new security category which will expand rapidly over the next few quarters. 
    • We launched the one-of-a-kind found-no-where-else real-time hands-on lab grader engine to provide real-time feedback as you work through real hands-on labs!
    • We launched Skills Based Challenges For The Real World!
    • We even launched GUI based VNC/RDP/SSH interfaces for our one of a kind lab servers you use while following our Training Architects within Linux Academy. Seamless, fast-learning and it’s awesome.

A Quick Tease of Things to Come

I’m almost embarrassed by these announcements compared to what I know is on the way. Personally, I’ve never been so excited to be a part of Linux Academy, and some of the amazing things that are coming are out of this world. As a quick tease, we are also about to launch RCHSA and LFSA performance-based practice exams. You won’t find this anywhere else either. We back up our hands-on training belief with action. You need to pass exams, you need to be in exam like environments, and those exams are 100% hands-on with no questions.

We are about to release our next generation content discovery service. Being able to find over 900 hands-on labs (over 1,000 after July) and over 2,000 hours worth of videos and courses is hard. So we are launching a new way of doing so. Join the Linux Academy community (free if you signup for community edition) and provide your thoughts and feedback, which can be done here!

One final tease. During the month of July, while we are releasing over 150+ new Courses, Challenges, and Learning Activities, come celebrate with us for your chance to win a variety of Linux Academy vouchers, different types of special Linux Academy swag, and get entered in for a special grand prize drawing! What is it for? Well, you’ll just have to stay tuned to find out! You can enter multiple times daily starting [enter date] and submit entries up until [enter the end date]. Join us for our live shows throughout the month where we will announce our new content and our giveaway winners!

I’m Proud of the Linux Academy Team, and It’s Because They’ve Shown They Care

In a world of cheap powerpoint videos, without hands-on learning, and pump and dump VC backed companies, it’s really hard to find companies that are built around caring and a greater mission than just making money. Here at Linux Academy, I’ve personally tried to build a team that cares about our students and puts our students first. This past month, our 105 person team did something that humbled me to the core and made me so exceptionally proud to be the CEO and Founder.

As a team, they came up with and voted on 5 core mission values that drive what we do as a company. I posted a detailed post on Linkedin about it, but here are what they came up with:

      • We support others in their mission to learn and grow
      • We are committed to changing the world by changing lives
      • We believe in the curiosity to learn, the vulnerability to try, the persistence to succeed, and the strength of the community
      • We put our students’ futures first
      • We dedicate ourselves to pushing the boundaries of online learning

This is who we are and we are just getting started.

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Anthony D. James
Proud Founder/CEO

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