3 top-drawer alternatives to WooCommerce you can’t afford to ignore

WooCommerce is one of the clear frontrunners when it comes to setting up an eCommerce storefront, but it’s not the only option. In some cases it might even be unsuited to your needs, leaving you searching for alternatives to WooCommerce.

Its functionality is geared towards more general applications, namely selling physical products as a traditional eCommerce business. However, if your products are digital only, using WooCommerce could arguably be cumbersome and unnecessary.

With this in mind, we’ll start by looking at WooCommerce and why it’s a leading eCommerce solution. Then, we’ll discuss three alternatives to WooCommerce to consider, including the NextGEN Pro bundle for the NextGEN Gallery plugin.

A brief overview of WooCommerce

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For the uninitiated, WooCommerce is the leading WordPress solution for setting up your eCommerce storefront. It’s installed as a plugin and includes a plethora of additional options, features and functionality for setting up a store. For example, you can define shipping areas and costs, add and remove products with ease, and much more. Most of this can be configured via the handy Setup Wizard.

WooCommerce is No. 1 for good reason.


For starters, the platform can be extended much like your WordPress site, which lets you create a presence unique to your exact requirements. It’s also incredibly intuitive to set up and use, which has further helped popularize the solution in the community.

However, no plugin is perfect, and many would-be store owners with specific needs are turning to other solutions. We’ll outline why below, as we look at a number of alternatives to WooCommerce.

3 top-drawer alternatives to WooCommerce you can’t afford to ignore

Let’s take a look at just three of the many alternatives to WooCommerce:

  1. Easy Digital Downloads.

  2. Ebook Store.

  3. NextGEN Pro Bundle.

Throughout, we’ll also discuss why you may want to consider each solution. Let’s dig in!

1. Easy Digital Downloads

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First up is Easy Digital Downloads. This is arguably the most popular alternative to WooCommerce, and comes from leading WordPress developer Pippin Williamson.

Think of this as the WooCommerce for digital downloads (hence the name).


As such, you’ll find the same ease of use and depth of functionality you’ll find in WooCommerce. Much like WooCommerce, there’s also an extensive library of add-ons to help tailor your digital-only store to your needs.

WooCommerce is mainly targeted at physical distribution, so Easy Digital Downloads handles general digital sales. It’s a good option if you’re selling music files, computer software, PDFs and media such as images and video. However, if you’re selling the two latter categories, you might want more niche solutions, which we’ll look at soon.

As for price, Easy Digital Downloads is free, but extensions can have a cost attached.

2. Ebook Store

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Next up is Ebook Store, which is one of the niche alternatives to WooCommerce we mentioned in the previous section. As you can tell from the name, this plugin enables you to sell eBooks via your WordPress website.

This plugin is quick to set up and it’s only a matter of minutes from installation to adding a new eBook.

It also offers a plethora of features to help you sell via your website. Here you’ll find everything you’ll need to sell, encrypt, watermark, and deliver eBooks to customers. There’s also a premium WooCommerce integration upgrade for those who wish to use Ebook Store alongside the platform.

Ebook Store perfectly suits those selling PDFs or specific formats such as .mobi and .pub files. Similarly to Easy Digital Downloads, the focus here is to help sellers of digital products rather than physical items.

Finally, Ebook Store is free to download, but also offers a premium version.

3. NextGEN Pro Bundle

Photo: NextGEN

Finally, we have the NextGEN Pro Bundle. As the name implies, this is a premium upgrade for the very popular (and free!) NextGEN Gallery plugin. In a nutshell, this combines all of the current available extension for NextGEN Gallery, and contains practically everything you’ll need to sell images via your WordPress website — placing is among the best alternatives to WooCommerce.

With NextGEN Pro, you can create thumbnail, mosaic and masonry galleries (among other options) and present them as grids and lists. In addition, it contains solutions for social sharing and adding the Open Graph protocol to your site. You can also protect your images and create a proofing gallery. Finally, there are a range of additional payment gateways from the likes of Stripe and PayPal, alongside other payment-related features.

In our opinion, photographers (or those who otherwise sell images) will fall in love with the NextGEN Pro bundle.

It takes the already stellar NextGEN Gallery and turns it into a superbeast for selling images, ready to take on the world! It’s also going to be a go-to solution for those who find WooCommerce’s digital selling options limited.

You’ll need the NextGEN Gallery plugin (which is free) before you purchase this bundle. The Pro bundle offers several tiers at different price points to choose from, including a selection of themes from Imagely, and additional support options.


There’s no argument — WooCommerce gets a gold medal when it comes to eCommerce solutions. However, much like a discus thrower competing in the 100-meter sprint, it’s not necessarily the best option for every circumstance.

This post has looked at three alternatives to WooCommerce for different niches unrelated to traditional eCommerce setups. Let’s quickly review them:

  1. Easy Digital Downloads
  2. Ebook Store
  3. NextGEN Pro Bundle

Do your due diligence to find the best solution for selling your unique products or services on your WordPress site. Good luck!

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