UI Breakfast Podcast. Episode 113: Designing Messaging Systems with Kostya Gorskiy

Portrait of Kostya Gorskiy

Chats and messengers represent a huge design challenge: there’s always room for innovation, but the users are deeply attached to existing UX patterns (think of the latest Skype update). Our guest today is Kostya Gorskiy, Design Lead at Intercom. We talk about their recent messenger redesign, peculiarities of popular chat platforms, and how to design a messaging interface for your own product.

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Show Notes

  • Intercom — Kostya’s current place of work
  • Yandex — Kostya’s previous place of work as a design director
  • Product thinking: behind our new Messenger home screen — an article by Brian Donohue
  • Design for the Real World — a book by Victor Papanek
  • Inside Intercom — Intercom’s blog & educational resources
  • Follow Kostya on Twitter: @k00

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