Why I started working at Linux Academy

Hello my name is Tres, and I wanted to tell the community a little bit about who I am, and I why I decided to join the Linux Academy team.

I was actually a customer for about a year before I left my perfectly good job as a Director of Engineering and came to Linux Academy for the same position.  I truly believe in continuing education.  If you don’t keep learning, you will become a dinosaur.  Trust me.  I started building websites professionally, full-time, in 1997.  Since then, everything has changed.  Nothing that we do today in the development world is even close to how we did things 20+ years ago, ten years ago, or even five years ago.  You have to keep up.

With that said, I have used it all.  I have done over 250 courses, specializations, certificate programs, and even a nano-degree despite the fact that I have an MS in Technology Management.  I also have three AWS certifications, and I am working on getting more.

In all of my experience, Linux Academy is simply the best that there is in the market.  The lectures have great material, and the content directly relates to the actual certification exams.  The labs really make the concepts sink in permanently.  They are absolutely the best learning tool that I have used to date.  Linux Academy always keeps up with the times and launches new content.  I love it.

I left a good job that I really liked, for a great job.  I want to be the best in the industry, so I need to work for the best.  Period.

So far, I love it! 🙂

Tres Sisson, Director of Engineering


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