Create Your Artistic Sales Process

Most salespeople want recognition for their excellent work. Sales training teaches us a specific order for the steps of the sales cycle. Reading the classic sales books will boost our understanding of how to sell. However, when one follows the exact rules and procedures similar to everyone else, there is little hope for rising above the crowd.

Each person desiring to build an excellent reputation is to reconsider their delivery. It is the unique artistic sales process, or personal touch, that will position your numbers at the top of the sales scoreboards.

Create a standout brand using your artistic sales process

I found the best approach with a new prospect was to treat each as a potential friend. By the end of most meetings, return dates were offered. Each one exclaimed they enjoyed speaking with me. Most of all, they looked forward to working with me.

Creating enjoyable meetings is the differentiator for the successful salespeople.

Questions to seriously consider are:

  • Do you monopolize the conversation
  • Do you come across as egotistical
  • Is your clientele intrigued or turned off?

Most often, prospects can’t wait for the salesperson to leave their office. The problem is common sense does not exist. Instead of initiating a conversation centered on why the meeting was granted, most representatives delve into immediate selling. Some salespeople barely stop to take a breath or provide the opportunity for questions.

Typically, salespeople will memorize a script for the selling process. They begin with Step One and continue talking all the way to completion with Step Ten. By the time the sales script is complete, the prospective clients cannot wait for the representatives to leave. Traditional methods become time wasters.

Common sense plus a touch of creativity provides the winning combination for improving sales.

The best way to begin a conversation with someone new is to inquire why you were invited in for the meeting. Exemplify asking questions and gaining clarity for your client to do the same. Each question leads to further insight and additional items for inquiry.

The artistic sales process is about going off-script and staying there until all parties are familiar with the experiences of one another. Openly discuss varying perspectives and answer all questions without hesitation. Develop the ability to gracefully move back and forth between the necessary narrative and your personal anecdotes.

It is the unstructured sharing that builds the bond between you and the client.

When the connection is felt, the time arrives to delve deep into issues and ideas to grasp a broader picture of the current situation.

It is the inquiring mind that learns:

  • The secrets of each company
  • Their hidden agenda that increases the size of the sale
  • How to find extra money in the client budget.

Your sales process artistry develops into a well-respected personal brand. The bonus is in the form of larger sales. Best of all, you earn client loyalty, referrals and testimonials contributing to a full sales pipeline known as the Smooth Sale.

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