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Hey everyone

I wanted to share Scipio ERP with you. I work for a company which is in the business of creating very customized business applications & eCommerce applications for larger businesses. We learned through our projects that there is an inherent downside to custom applications: you only get as good of a software as you are willing to invest into. So after a few years most companies stop keeping them updated.

Now, we set our goal to develop a "business application toolkit" – essentially functions, data models and applications that anyone can use for their own complex business cases. Anything can be customized or extended. So if you build your project with it – you can still receive updates from the community in the future (win-win).

We want to make it easy to create modern apps, so we also implemented a set of freemarker macros (we call it the "templating toolkit"), which separate the html from actual UI definitions. The templating toolkiet is compatible with most HTML frameworks. This makes it very easy (even for non-frontend-devs) to create stylish interfaces (We currently have Foundation, Bootstrap 3&4 themes available). Here's an example:

<@slider> <@slide title="" image="" link="/myUrl.html"> // content </@slide> </@slide> 

The Ecommerce application by itself is quite enormous and comes with a modern theme and a long list of features. Anything is configurable from Products (virtual/physical, configurable, subscriptions, their attributes, relations and more), Prices (multi currency, geo specific, different taxes per geo etc.), Promotions (from voucher code to complex price adjustments), Multi shops, multiple payment and shipping integrations etc etc.

If you are interested, you can always check out our demo and check out the project from Github (it is open source).

I would love to hear your feedback about all of this. What do you think about the templating toolkit? Do you think that this is a project that you would take an interest in? How can we improve our presence on Github or the website…


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