Athletic Apparel T-shirt Designs

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I created these t-shirt designs for a buddy who started an athletic apparel company. He donates 50% of the profits earned to a charity that buys sporting equipment for impoverished children in Africa.

I didn't design the logo, but I re-constructed it for him as the original was a little wonky and it sort of looked like a fish (they have no religious ties).

The t-shirts at the bottom are something I'm concerned about. I like some may be a little over the top, so I edited some of them to have the pattern a little more faded. These shirts are inspired off of the Nike Hypercool shirts (hoping someone has seen them) where the actual fabric has this reflective pattern worked into it.

For the lazy, here are the shirts:

Let me know what you think, I won't break. I'm trying to make this a portfolio piece ) so I'd love to hear what you have to say about it.

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