Corsair Scimitar Gaming Mouse Driver

Anyone with a Corsair Scimitar (not pro, but maybe it will work with that as well if you make a few superficial changes) gaming mouse want to test out a kernel patch that adds support for the 12 soft-keys on the side of the mouse? It requires rebuilding all the usbhid modules (but not the kernel, so it actually doesn't take all that long [1]).

I'd appreciate comments on the patch itself—it's not yet cleaned up, but it works (and I'm it). I have the USB descriptors if anyone really wants to dig into why this didn't just work out-of-the-box like it ideally would have.

I can give a sample script (using evemu and xdotool) to show how to do the userspace configuration (i.e., actually make the buttons do something).

[1] To build it:

  1. Download your kernel source (from your distribution). Patch that source.
  2. Copy over `/boot/config…' for your kernel.
  3. make oldconfig && make prepare && make modules_prepare
  4. make M=drivers/hid modules
  5. For the love of god make sure you have another bootable kernel and/or rescue disk before doing the next step.
  6. Copy over all .ko in the drivers/hid into /lib/modules/updates/...
  7. Update your initramfs/dracut/initrd however your distribution does that.
  8. It's probably easier to reboot than try to unload/reload your usbhid driver.

submitted by /u/aerusso

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