In light of Chromebook Linux support, I’d like to talk about implications for Linux market and the potential competition it could bring against M$

Regarding the post here about this video Talking about how some chromebooks will support Linux.

I'm probably being very optimistic here but follow with me:

If they can create a REAL marketshare for Linux based OS's via ChromeOS, for home users, maybe they will expand to a more feature rich desktop version. If THAT happens, and they start to eat into the Windows marketshare for home users, then it would be reasonable to say that Linux would become more strongly considered by AAA game devs.

I understand that M$ gets most of their business from BUSINESS'S using their OS and NOT home users. So I doubt Linux would penetrate that market (or at least it would take a while for the transition anyway).

MY QUESTION to you all, is IF Linux becomes more widely adopted and used by home users, is there a potential or likelihood that these bastardized Linux distros made by Google or other competitors, could create something in the OS that allows game and software compatibility with their distro only? If so, would it even be that big of a hurdle to provide support for other distros?

Bonus question: What are your thoughts about Windows 10 incorporating a Linux environment? Do you think they see the impending doom of Linux based Android that has led to Linux based chromebooks that could threaten their business, and therefore might be trying to slowly transition to a Linux environment someday? Or did they include that in W10 simply to provide for coders that like Linux so they don't have to dual boot?

I think they would choose to NOT use Linux because it would upend their entire business. Especially since they've essentially merged console gaming and Windows by using a form of Win10 for the xbox. And considering if they switched to a Linux kernel, and thus shifting the gaming industry towards Linux. They would allow the Steambox to awaken and take a significant share of the console gaming industry considering the number of Steam users on PC.


Kind of rambled but these are my hopes and thoughts. Please correct me if I seem misguided on any of these things. I'm just interested in discussing this because I think this news is exciting, although I know my hopes are probably premature.

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