notifications-tray-icon: A github notifications tray icon and notifier

notifications-tray-icon is a framework for creating SNI/Appindicator based tray icons that report notifications as they come in. For the time being, github is the only supported service, but gmail support is coming soon (and hopefully more are to come after that).

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Here is what it looks like on my machine with near stock options:

Some things to note:

  • You need an SNI based tray for this status icon. It does not use appindicator, so it does not fallback to the older xembed protocol. SNI trays that I know of:
    • taffybar
    • gtk-sni-tray
    • gnome-shell-extension
    • xfce-indicator-plugin
    • I believe that KDE plasma has built in support
  • For the time being, the SNI tray must support the somewhat obscure "OverlayIcon" feature, and not all SNI trays do. I know that taffybar and gtk-sni-tray do support it (because I wrote them), and I know that the gnome-shell-extension does not because I have read its source, but I'm not sure about any others. In the future, I may try to modify the icon in the tray icon process which will make it so the overlay will be present in all implementations.
  • You need a desktop notifications daemon to display the notifications. See this page for details: . I use notify-osd-customizable in the screenshot.
  • Stack installation is the only option at the moment because my pull request to add notification support to the haskell github library has not yet been merged/released.
  • Support for notification counts should be easy and is coming soon.

Currently you can authenticate through pass or by typing in your credentials. Please let me know if you would like other options and I will add them.

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