Apple Shares New 'Memory' iPhone X Ad Promoting Face ID

Apple this afternoon uploaded a new iPhone X ad entitled “Memory” to its YouTube channel, which is designed to promote Face ID and its ability to replace a password to log into apps and websites.

In the humorous spot, there’s a gameshow-style setup in an arena filled with people, starring a man tasked with solving memory challenges. A host asks him to complete a final challenge: “This morning, you created an online biking password. What is it?”

The audience gasps as the man struggles to remember the password, before whipping out his iPhone X with Face ID. After it scans his face, the iPhone inputs the password into the site automatically and he wins the challenge.

Suddenly, the ad flashes back to the real world coffee shop he’s sitting in, where he clenches his fist victoriously. “Your face is your password,” reads the end of the ad.

“Memory” is one of several clever ads Apple has created to promote features like Face ID, Animoji, Portrait Mode, Portrait Lighting, and more in the iPhone X, and it follows “Unlock,” a similar ad that also demonstrates the benefits of Face ID and the TrueDepth camera system.

The video, which is a little over a minute and thirty seconds long, will likely be shown on television and on social media sites in the coming weeks.

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