Need java dev for $100 a week


I am developing new Blockchain technology in Java. I got the spec, I got the perk and all that I need now is to get the job done.

It's a very cool project. I found three exciting solutions for bitcoin availability problem:

  1. Better encoding: I save the public keys in the blockchain database, so when new transactions come, and the key is already in the database, it's replaced with a numeric value that is only 1-4 bytes. While Bitcoin can encode about 2,000 transactions in one megabyte of a block size, I can encode about 100K transactions in the same space.
  2. The biggest problem in scalability is the pear to pear network size, with each new node it takes a longer time to broadcast the blocks. I use a Royal network, to join it you must mine a block first. It makes the network size very small and allows all the nodes to be connected to each other all the time. Those nodes will be pools. In Bitcoin, there are ~20 pools that mine over 95% of the blocks. I believe a similar number will be in the Roayl Network, but the speed will be super fast. There will be no differences besides that in networking. Miners still get to choose what pool to join. Centralization is not affected.
  3. D.T.P is an off-chain way of making transactions with monthly commit over the blockchain. The idea is almost magical. It allows instant micro and macro transactions with better privacy and law transactions fees. And it can also save on IRS taxes in the U.S, find more details.

I was working on this alone so far, but now I would like to build a team, both to speed up the development and make a little more fun for my self 🙂

Unfortunately, I don't have any budget, all that I can offer is $100 a week. I have been trying to use this budget for advertising the repo so far, but it's didn't helped much, so this is a new approach that I am taking.

Official website:

GitHub page:

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