Samsung Users Claimed Their Phones Sent Private Photos To Random Contacts

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A technical glitch in Samsung phones have enabled the devices to send out photos to its users’ contacts without permission.

This issue reportedly affected recent Samsung models like the ‘Note 8’ and ‘Galaxy S9’, and the root cause is said to derive from Samsung’s default messaging app. Samsung users are complaining about the glitch on Reddit and the company’s forum.

Users claimed that their phones have either sent individual or multiple images to random contacts through Samsung ‘Messages’. One affected user said that his phone has sent all of the photos in his gallery to his girlfriend.

Samsung users speculated that this issue might have stemmed from the Rich Communication Services (RCS) update, which is slowly being incorporated in phones.

The RCS technology is designed to make texting look like modern messaging app and allows sending multimedia content more effortless. Samsung’s spokesperson said that the company is aware of the issue and its technical team is looking to fix the matter. The company is also encouraging affected users to call it directly to address the matter.

Users are recommended to switch to an alternative messaging app or completely disable access to the users’ files in the Samsung Messages app to avoid any files being sent without the user knowing it.

My S9+ sent my entire photo gallery to my girlfriend last night while I was sleeping. from r/GalaxyS9



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