Get Ready for the New LPIC-1!

This fall, LPI will release the latest edition of the LPIC-1 certification exams:  Exam 101-500 and 102-500.  In our constant endeavors to stay abreast of the upcoming changes, we have already started work on putting out an updated course that will cover the latest exam objectives. This quarter, we release LPIC-1 Exam 101 as an updated version of the course.  The original (from the venerable Terry Cox) will still stay up for at least six months after the release of the new exam, to mirror LPI’s testing policy (as in, if you wanted to take the new exam or the older one).  The latest information that I have on this release states that the new exam will be available in September of 2018.  So the current LPIC-1 Exams 101-400 and 102-400 should retire around March of 2019.

Just as a heads up, on Exam 101 you will not be tested on disk space quotas anymore, and instead you will be tested on general knowledge about Linux as a virtual machine and as a container.  Some commands have also been dropped from the original course (such as join) and replaced by others (such as tmux) to better align with how the industry currently uses various tools. What has not changed though is the breadth and depth that the LPI exams are reknown for.

The second part of the course for Exam 102-500 will follow in the next quarter, just in time for the official release of the updated exam from LPI. So remember, you can start studying for the new one now, or continue to study for the current one. You will still be able to take the latter in the near future. No matter which course you take, we welcome you on the journey of learning what it takes to understand the exam topics and to help you pass! We have an updated quiz system and more hands-on Learning Activities to get you comfortable with the content!

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