Slow Day: Week 28

Welcome to my weekly Slow Day post, inspired by Monica from The Homespun Heart. My Word for 2018 is Slow and, in the spirit of that word, I’m taking one day each week () off — I’ll be unplugged and offline and plan to move at a slower pace, take time to do things that refresh me, and just really focus on being present and savoring the moment.

Each week, I’ll be sharing a photographic peek into my Slow Day. Enjoy a little peek into our lives!

I am posting this late because we travelled to South Africa yesterday and I'm finally having a chance to write a blog post! This is a little peek into my day on July 4…

My day started with a warm-up walk on the treadmill. I'm reading snippets from The Weight of Glory, Whispers of Rest, and my Bible reading during my warm-up walk right now.

After my run, I took a shower and Jesse made me a cup of Turmeric milk. And then my friend, Melissa, came over and we just chatted for two hours.

And then we left to head on a hike with two families. While we drove (the hike was an hour or so away), I read Paperboy out loud to the kids.

(This is our current read aloud, but please note that it has some language and kind of unexpected things in it for a kids' book and I've had to censor it a little and we've had some discussions on various topics as a result of reading it.)

Once I was finished reading to the kids, I read one of the books I finished last week, Dance, Stand, Run.

It was a HOT day and we were a little worried that it was going to be too hot on the hike and at the waterfall.

But then as soon as we started walking down the hill, the temperature began dropping.

And by the time we got down to the waterfall, it was absolutely gorgeous. The temperature was perfect and it was not too hot, not too cool. Just perfect!

The kids had so much fun wading into the water!

And there weren't that many people there!

The waterfall we went to was called Rutledge Falls and it was fantastic. I would highly recommend it — especially on a hot day and if you have older kids.

I love these women so much!

After the waterfall hike, we came back home and showered and then went over to friends' house for dinner.

And then we walked from their house over to nearby friends' house to watch their neighborhood fireworks.

It was super impressive and so much less crowded.

Multiple neighbors had fireworks to shoot off and the entire “show” went on for well over an hour!

I couldn't really get any pictures to do it . But at least this gives you a little idea! 🙂 It was SUCH a good day!

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