This Week in Spring – Only Infotech10th, 2018

Hi Spring fans! Welcome to another installment of This Week in Spring! This week I'm in sunny (warm!) Los Angeles for the epic SpringOne Tour Los Angeles event and then it's off to Boston for meetings. We've got a lot to cover, as usual, so let's get to it!

  • Pivotal Cloud Foundry 2.2 is out and it has smarter metrics support
  • Do you want to begin in open-source or, at least, begin contributing to Spring Boot? We have a ton of open-issues where we'd welcome external contributions!
  • Spring Cloud Data Flow 1.6 M1 and 1.5.2 released
  • Spring Tool Suite 3.9.5 released
  • Follow the progress on Graal supporting Spring Boot-based applications for native images
  • Spring Social End of Life Announcement
  • I love this post that looks at how e-Bay does faster integration testing of Spring Boot-based applications
  • Check out the migration to v2 in Zipkin 2.10.
  • This is an oldie-but-a-goodie that I found myself needing today: it looks at the Solace messaging technology's Spring Boot starters
  • The Clever Cloud blog has a nice post on how to adapt a JHipster Spring Boot and Angular-based application for deployment on their platform
  • Learn how to install multicloud, enterprise-grade CloudFoundry with HAProxy. Watch the video now.
  • Community legend Martin Deinum has a nice post on loading properties with PropertySource and .yaml files
  • The Spring Cloud-inspired Steeltoe.NET library supports microservices patterns for .NET-based applications and it is hot! It's had over 500k downloads on Nuget!
  • I love this post on using the Chaos Monkey for Spring Boot on AWS EKS
  • Spring legend Thomas Darimont just upgraded his example demonstrating how to protect Spring Boot Admin 2.0.1 UI and Spring Boot 2.0.3 Actuator endpoints with Keycloak 4.1.0 to the latest versions
  • In which community hero Nicolas Frankel brilliantly revisits a fundamental question that we might at this point take for granted: why should we use a framework or a dependency injection container like Spring? Why use a framework or a dependency injection container at all?
  • Apache Camel 2.2.2 – the first with support for Spring Boot 2! – is now available!
  • Check out our very own Mario Gray's look at authentication with reactive Spring Security . This is one in a series of posts that look at security. Check out the last installment here.
  • This Codecentric post, by Benjamin Wilms, is a must-read manifesto for chaos engineering in general and a useful background for anybody considering the Chaos Monkey for Spring Boot
  • This is an oldie-but-a-goodie: Oracle's serverless project, Project Fn, supports Spring Cloud Function.
  • The amazing Jonas Hecht's article on Spring Boot and Vue.js is now available in the latest installment of the German-language magazine JavaMagazin.
  • This pull-request from Hibernate developer advocate Vlad Mihalcea looks very promising and the discussion therein is illuminating, too
  • Graal developer advocate Oleg Å elajev has a great post demonstrating some unique possibilities when running Spring Boot-based applications on Graal: Enhance your Java Spring application with R data science.
  • Wojciech Marusarz, on the Nexocode blog, has a great post introducing reactive programming (in terms of the basics, but with brief examples using Reactor and Spring)
  • This is an interesting nugget of knowledge from Spring Integration lead Gary Russell: did you know that you could use Spring Integration/JMS to talk to QPID (AMQP 1.0) using the QPID JMS bridge and this should be a meaningful channel to connect Spring Integration to other AMQP 1.0-compliant brokers?
  • Check out this post on how to build services for Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes using the Open Service Broker API
  • This is an interesting post on Blockchain with Java using Ethereum, web3j and Spring Boot. Good job Piotr MiÅ„kowski!
  • There's now PHP support for Spring Cloud Pipelines!
  • Be sure to register for this July 18 webinar: Bring Your Own Code vs. Bring Your Own Container
  • Congratulations to Thibaud Lepretre who released the first version (beta) supporting Spring Boot 2 cas-security-spring-boot-starter during the recent Pivotal Paris event! See the project for details!

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