UI Breakfast Podcast. Episode 115: The Psychology of Addictive Products with Jeff Davidson

Portrait of Jeff Davidson

We should make products useful, no doubt. But what if we could also make them addictive — so that the customers keep coming back? Our guest today is Jeff Davidson, a solo product designer and writer. You'll learn key psychological principles behind popular apps, why making a product addictive should never be a goal by itself, and how to product features that satisfy the user's seeking system.

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Show Notes

  • How to Design an Addictive Product — Jeff's article
  • Ivan Pavlov, Sigmund Freud, Harry Harlow, Abraham Maslow — some of the famous psychologists Jeff mentions
  • Thinking, Fast and Slow — a book by Daniel Kahneman
  • Intrinsic motivation, Maslow's hierarchy of needs — Wikipedia definitions
  • The Power of Habit — a book by Charles Duhigg
  • Reddit, Product Hunt, Hacker News, Designer News — popular websites with a content voting system
  • Jeff's consulting website
  • Follow Jeff on Medium
  • Follow Jeff on Twitter: @jeffdavidsond

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