What’s Inside ‘The Priciest’ Ice Cream In The US That Costs US$1,500 Per Scoop

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Video screenshot via CNBC Make It.

Ice cream is one of the loveliest pleasures on earth because it’s comforting, nostalgic, and pretty inexpensive—but what about when it’s not affordable?

The Baccarat Hotel New York recently debuted a special dessert called the ‘Bear Extraordinaire’, and at US$1,500 per serving, it is now touted to be the “most expensive� sundae in America.

In exchange for your moolah, you’ll get a house-crafted vanilla ice cream scoop made with vanilla beans that were flown from Madagascar, described pastry chef and inventor of the dessert, Rosario Wakabayashi.

The single scoop is then coated in a white chocolate shell adorned with a colored cocoa butter painting.

Beneath, you’ll find a luxurious, three-gram black truffle and Manjari dark chocolate crumble, along with Valrhona Gold cacao nibs.

The white chocolate shell is also decorated in a hibiscus champagne sauce, citrus meringue, edible gold, and silver leafing, in addition to pretty fondant butterflies nestling on sugar strands.

The sweet treat offers a complete flavor and textural explosion, though in truth, the ice cream itself will only set you back US$300.

According to CNBC’s ‘Make It’ segment, the other US$1,200 is blown on the crystal bear bowl that you’ll get to take home. The adorable piece is numbered and signed by its designer.

Perhaps you might want to save this dessert for a really special occasion. Meanwhile, it’s probably a wiser—but equally decadent—choice to stick with ice cream that doesn’t require a trip to the bank.

Video screenshot via CNBC Make It.

Video screenshot via CNBC Make It.

Video screenshot via CNBC Make It.

[via CNBC, video and screenshots via CNBC Make It.]

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