Better Scheduling for You and Your Team

We’re making changes to the way Amy + Andrew work that will help your teams schedule together better than ever. If you’ve been with us for a while, you know we’re constantly updating their capabilities and improving your (and your guests’!) experience. 

Here’s what you’ll be seeing across our product, live as of today:

Better onboarding to get your team up and running

We did an overhaul of our onboarding that makes it easier than ever to get your team using Amy + Andrew.  In addition to a completely revamped onboarding flow that lets you easily set preferences, new users now can set up three practice meetings, think of them as training wheels that help you get the hang of working with Amy + Andrew.  Extra practice=better scheduling!

More options on for you AND your guests

We’re adding more ways for you to interact with Amy + Andrew. You can already manage them via natural language, but when you’re working in your calendar or, it should be easy to make changes to your meetings there too. links for hosts and guests

We’ve made it much easier to navigate to specific meetings on You can now click through from Amy + Andrew’s emails or any calendar invite!

Reschedule button for hosts and guests

We’ve also added a “reschedule” button to your meetings on, so you can easily move a meeting around.  Of course, you can also always respond to the original thread or calendar invite to let Amy + Andrew know to change a time.

Editable locations

Now, you’re able to change locations from! As with other meeting details, you can drop in a new address or make updates to the existing one. More control and flexibility, like we’ve heard requested. Click into any meeting that hasn’t happened yet to manually update the location. 

Guests have more options than ever too!

You can now combine email addresses for guests that have used more than one email when interacting with Amy or Andrew. For example, you email and loop in Andrew, but writes back through With our update, Andrew will write to you to ask you whether the new email address refers to the same person and sends you to to confirm—so we don’t accidentally send multiple scheduling email to the same guest.

Andrew will then combine the new email address with the original cc’d email—essentially adding both and to ’s “profile.” In any follow up communications, Amy + Andrew understand that both emails belong to a single person and will only communicate using one instead of both.  


Now, Amy + Andrew will automatically avoid scheduling on holidays in your country!  By setting your country on, they’ll be mindful of your country’s holidays (instead of defaulting to US holidays.) And if you choose a country we don’t yet support, we’ll let you know.  We also include a list of holidays that Amy + Andrew won’t schedule on for each country, so you have maximum visibility into their scheduling choices.

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