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New OpenStack and Red Hat Online Training Courses & Tools

Welcome back to 150+ Month! We’re so excited to announce more of our 150 content releases during July: Red Hat and OpenStack online training courses and tools.

Red Hat has come a long way in 25 years. By offering security automation and DevOps and container management, Red Hat has proven to be a consistent foundation for hybrid cloud environments. Improving storage optimization and reducing data storage costs in the cloud and on-premise, are just some of its many benefits. Check out our new hands-on training and learn how to leverage Red Hat for your company!

We now cover five Red Hat certified specialist exams to support all of our students to earn their Red Hat Certified Architect certification (To attain RHCA status, an RHCE must earn at least 5 of these certifications). Here’s the latest hands-on training content that we just released in Red Hat and OpenStack! Each course is complete with hands-on training solutions and interactive diagrams to help you and your team develop the real-world skills for success.



OpenStack Foundation's Certified OpenStack Administrator

OpenStack Foundation’s Certified OpenStack Administrator – COA

With Amy Marrich

Prep for the Certified OpenStack Administrator exam and get to know OpenStack. Learn about identity management, block storage, object storage, networking, heat/orchestration, troubleshooting, image management, and more! Gain hands-on experience in OpenStack through 13 hands-on labs.

OpenStack Hands-On Labs in this course:

  1. Creating a Service and Endpoint
  2. Manage Projects, Users, and Roles
  3. Managing Domains and Groups
  4. Managing Images
  5. Working with Networks
  6. Managing Security Groups
  7. Creating an Instance
  8. Associating Floating IPs
  9. Working with Quotas
  10. Managing Containers and Objects
  11. Working with Volumes
  12. Creating a Stack
  13. Working with Logos


Red Hat online training-RHCSV-Red-Hat-Certified-Specialist-in-Virtualization

Linux Academy’s Red Hat Certified Specialist in Virtualization Preparation Course

With Matthew Pearson

This course is designed to prepare for the Red Hat Certified Specialist in Virtualization exam (EX318). Learn how to install and administer a Red Hat Virtualization environment and perform administrative tasks in your environment. Gain an understanding of the Red Hat Virtualization platform including, managing storing, working with logical networks, automatically deploying virtual machines and much more!


Red Hat online training - Red Hat Certified Specialist in Ansible Automation

Linux Academy’s Red Hat Certified Specialist in Ansible Automation

With Stosh Oldham

Get prepared for the Red Hat EX407 certification! Understand core components of Ansible, run ad-hoc Ansible commands, use both static and dynamic inventories to define groups of hosts, utilize an existing dynamic inventory script, create Ansible plays and playbooks, and much more! After taking this course, you’ll be fully prepared to use Ansible to automate the configuration of systems and applications.

Linux Online Training Hands-On Labs in this course:

  1. Ad Hoc Commands Lab 1
  2. Ad Hoc Commands Lab 2
  3. Static Inventories
  4. Dynamic Inventories
  5. Ansible Plays and Playbooks 1
  6. Ansible Plays and Playbooks 2
  7. Create and Use Templates 1
  8. Create and Use Templates 2
  9. Working with Ansible Facts 1
  10. Working with Ansible Facts 2
  11. Create and Work with Roles 1
  12. Create and Work with Roles 2
  13. Ansible Galaxy Roles 1
  14. Ansible Galaxy Roles 2
  15. Ansible Parallellism 1
  16. Ansible Parallellism 2
  17. Ansible Vault Lab 1
  18. Ansible Vault Lab 2

Learning Activity

Linux Academy Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator Practice Exam

with Derek Morgan

Gain hands-on experience and get ready for the Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator exam, one of the most highly regarded entry-level exams in the Linux World. Through this Learning Activity, you’ll not only get prepared to pass the exam but also learn to perform real-world activities in a real production environment. As the exam itself places you in a real environment, this Learning Activity will walk you through similar scenarios to those you may find on the exam.



With 150+ new Courses, Challenges and hands-on Learning Activities launching this month, it’s hard to stay updated on everything coming out. Stay tuned for more recaps of the live show announcements! You can also always watch the recorded streams at your convenience on our YouTube – subscribe for updates!

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