‘Stranger Things 3’ Teaser Might Be Hiding Major Plot Clue In Plain Sight

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Video screenshot via Netflix

Netflix recently teased the next season of its original science fiction-horror series, Stranger Things, with a comical video styled like a mall commercial from 1985. Yes, before online shopping, there were malls, and they were huge during the era from which the show is based in.

Nostalgia aside, the purpose of the clip could still be a little unclear. For many, the teaser hints at a new mall setting, and that ‘Steve Harrington’ might finally move on from ‘Nancy Wheeler’ and find a new love interest, but that’s apparently not all there is to it.

As the camera pans over to a book store in ‘Starcourt Mall’, you’re shown a window display of Tom Clancy’s award-winning 1984 novel, The Hunt for Red October, which could be a key inspiration for the plot of season three.

The spy novel follows a Russian submarine commander from the Cold War who defects to the United States via an experimental nuclear submarine called ‘Red October’. The vehicle is installed with state-of-the-art technology that renders it undetectable underwater.

For the uninitiated, Stranger Things is believed to be a fictional extension of the ‘Montauk Project’, an alleged set of secret experiments kick-started by the US government that focused on far-flung techniques like mind control and time travel.

The appearance of the book in the teaser could hint that it would tie into the plot of Stranger Things 3. With the show’s producers confirming that ‘Dr Martin Brenner’—head of the shady ‘Hawkins National Laboratory’ and “Papa” to child test subjects like ‘Eleven’—is still alive, it could mean that he’ll be the connection between ‘Eleven’, the small Midwestern town of ‘Hawkins’, and the ongoing Cold War.

The upcoming season of Stranger Things is expected to premiere in 2019.

Video screenshot via Netflix

[via INSIDER, video and screenshots via Netflix]

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