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Product review surveys are beneficial for your business for all sorts of reasons. Maybe you’re testing out a new product in beta and want to know what customers think about. Or maybe you’ve released a product months ago and you want feedback. Whatever the purpose may be, product review surveys can be quite helpful in improving customer satisfaction, retention, loyalty, and brand reputation.

No matter if you’re using a third-party application or a WordPress survey plugin, here’s what you need to know about creating an effective product review survey.

01) Set Goals and Objectives

As with anything in business, there’s a big need to brainstorm and research what you’re looking to get out of a product review survey.  Before you start creating a survey, the first step is to figure out what you want to accomplish. What type of information are you looking to collect? Do you want to improve a specific product or service that you offer? What will you do with the results?

By knowing what you want to gain from customer responses, you can better tailor the questions that you ask. Once survey responses start to come in, you want to make sure that you have the data you need to make product improvements.

02) Survey Promotion Plan

There are all sorts of ways to get traffic on your product review survey. Before determining how you will ask customers to respond to the survey, figure out how you will let them know that the survey exists.

One of the most common ways to send a survey to customers is via email. By using a catchy subject line, you can entice customers to open the email. Inside of the message you can provide a button or even a flashy graphic that links the user to the survey form. With email, you can send the survey out to specific customers, such as those who purchased a certain product in the last three months.

Another easy way to promote your survey is via social media. By advertising that the product survey exists, you can use a button or a graphic for easy access to the form.

03) Designing and Branding The Survey

With a clear idea of what information you need to gather from the survey and how you will send it out to customers, the next step is designing and branding it. When designing the survey, you want it to match it to your brand. This will create a flow from your website (or email) to the survey form.

Using the same colors and fonts will give users a seamless experience when navigating between your website and the product survey.

04) Determine Which Questions to Ask

One of the most important parts of creating a product review survey is asking the right questions. While you may want to collect all sorts of information, customers won’t respond to the survey if the questions aren’t right. For example, surveys should be short and sweet. The less time a customer has to spend filling it out, the better. This means that your questions should be simple and direct.

Let’s assume you want feedback about a product you recently released. Questions to consider asking include:

  • Does the product work as expected?
  • Are you satisfied with your purchase?
  • Are you happy with the price?
  • Do you believe the product is of high quality?

By using direct questions, customers can easily answer using a sliding 1-10 scale or even a Yes/No. Keeping the questions simple minimizes the risk of confusion, frustration, or even worse, a customer abandoning the survey because it’s too long.

05) Take Action

After a few weeks of pushing the product review survey to customers, the next step is to put all of the responses you’ve received to work. Look at the metrics of each question. Do the majority of your customers feel like the product is high quality but overpriced? Are more customers satisfied versus dissatisfied?

While you want to hear positive things from your customers, the whole purpose of a product review survey is to make improvements to boost customer satisfaction levels. Take the negative feedback and find ways to improve your product. That way when you send out a new product review survey in the months to come, the customer will notice that you’ve made improvements. This is a great reflection on not only the product but your brand as a whole.

An Effective Product Review Survey

Creating an effective product review survey is an important part of keeping your customers happy with your product and your brand. By following these steps, you can create a product review survey that gathers the information you need. This, in turn, is beneficial for improving your company and ensuring that all of your customers are satisfied.

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