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I thought we'd all signed off on every use of bacon. I thought Reddit and Epicurious and Epic Meal Time had taught us that bacon goes with everything. But judging by the looks I get at the diner when I dip my bacon in butter, we have not. We apparently have not collectively agreed that bacon, like french fries or baby carrots, is a dipping .

I understand that bacon, unlike fries or carrots, is a sufficiently flavorful food eaten solo. But it's also very well known that bacon pairs well with fruits, with alliums, with salad veggies, with other meats. You can make bacon butter out of butter and bacon grease. Bacon and butter match! So why not dip one in the other? Is it really any grosser or more decadent than dipping bacon in chocolate? It is good. Especially with hot bacon and cold butter.

Make Bacon Butter and Put It On Everything 

Bacon grease and butter are glorious cooking fats. They're reasonable priced (one comes free with…

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Dip bacon in whatever you want. Ketchup works, syrup works. Or even things not found in a Denny's. Our managing editor dips bacon in hummus. Let's bridge the gap between plain bacon and elaborate recipes. Let's dip our bacon.

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