Create A Custom Form Plugin In WordPress – Part Two – Info PHP

Please read my first part: 

Today, you will learn how to write a code in a . WordPress provides plugin features for developers. Plugin means an individual module. WordPress creates multiple plugins. If you download a plugin, the link will be available at wordpress plugin. Click the link and search “use plugin.” Today, I will discuss how to develop WordPress plugins, write the code, and install the plugin.

Download the code, given previously, and install again,

Let's start writing code into the helloworld plugin.

First, install the plugin in WordPress. When the download is complete, open WordPress administration panel, as shown below:




My WordPress plugin will show in the plugin list:



Whenever a WordPress plugin is installed into WordPress, open the plugin code.

WordPress Plugin Path: C:xampp1htdocswordpresswp-contentplugins

Open helloworld.php file into the helloworld folder and write the code, shown in the example:

It will look as shown below:


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