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Hello there, this might be a long shot, but…

Yesterday I updated my eclipse to the Photon version and I was surprised to see it using the double of ram than my Oxygen one was using.

My Oxygen uses about 800mb of RAM when working in my main workspace, but when I fire up Photon, the same workspace uses 1.6gb or more (after 30 minutes it was almost 2gb of ram).

Anyone experiencing something similar ? Any config I need to pay attention so I can use Firefox alongside this new Eclipse ?

Also, on a similiar note, I was experimenting some vim to do some code and found eclim, which looks like a headless eclipse but at start it uses 1.5gb, I assume it loads the same things as the photon eclipse cli

I disabled all plugins (the Startup/Shutdown menu, IIRC)

I’m on Ubuntu 16.04, jdk8


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