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I don't use Maven, only Ant in Netbeans but it can be used as a module library all the same I assume. I have actually tested adding the modules to a library and it works great(I can't remember if the docs worked right though).

It's just that, if you're constantly downloading 200MB+(classpath, I think its more like 280MB on Linux) or 80MBish(module) programs over and over again as apposed to having built in support, you are taking less space of the user's hard drive. As a developer, just eating up system resources like disk space, memory, cpu, etc for no reason is just irresponsible. It's like not fixing a memory leak in your program because most users have like 8GB+ of memory these days.

Built in might also be lighter file size wise as you can decide if you want webkit or not. I don't know if the modules do currently or not…

IMO, developers should in these kind of situations give users the choice to use whatever works best for them. Unfortunately in the case of modules and because of Ant 1.9.7 in Arch, I haven't ever been able to launch a modular JavaFX application without being bundled.

As a small bonus, you don't need to import a library or add a dependency every JavaFX project.

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