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Today I'm choosing to the non-free image, that make things easier on systems requiring proprietary but redistributable firmware.

64-bit download: Firmware-9.5.0-amd64-netinst.iso

32-bit download: Firmware-9.5.0-i386-netinst.iso

Beginning Installation

– Once you've downloaded the proper image, use a 3rd party software to burn it to a CD or USB. I chose to burn mine to a USB using Rufus.

– When the bootable media is created, make sure it's inserted in the system you wish to install Debian on. Restart and select your device the bootable media from your boot menu. You may have to press a key like F12 to trigger the menu.

– You should see this screen. Proceed by selecting Graphical install.

– Select your language, location, and keyboard layout as prompted. Afterwards, click Continue, and you should see the installer load components.

Installation Configurations

– Next, you'll have to configure some things. It'll prompt you to enter a hostname. Enter whatever you want your system to be recognized as.

– Unless the domain name is already provided for you, I suggest leaving it blank and clicking Continue.

– Create and set a password for the root account. I suggest you enter a complex password. Confirm password twice and click Continue.

– You should be prompted to ‘Set up users and passwords‘ so begin by entering a name for your new account and click Continue.

– Set a username, click Continue. Create and set a password. Verify twice, and click Continue.

– Select your correct time zone and click Continue.

…to read the rest of the installation process, click here.

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