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Raman Sapra is a digital business leader at Sasken. During LiveWorx 2018, he spoke with TechRepublic's Alison DeNisco Rayome about augmented reality (AR) and some businesses' continued lag in adopting it.

Raman Sapra: I have a very interesting perspective as far as immersive reality is concerned or augmented reality is concerned. I think we are seeing a lot of as far as augmented reality is concerned or immersive reality is concerned. What needs to happen is adoption. There are some very interesting use cases. At the event today, as a part of the keynote, we saw some very, very interesting use cases. I think the key thing is, how do enterprises adopt it and make it more of a mainstream implementation rather than just a pilot implementation? All of us know that immersive reality adds a lot of value to training, adds a lot of value on the production line as far as assembly is concerned, adds a lot of value as far as service is concerned, food service is concerned.

So now, these three areas are very, very clear. But the point is, how do you make it pervasive? How do you ensure that a very large percentage of her employees are taking advantage of immersive reality? I think one thing that would really help is to build non-intrusive headgear so that it becomes easier for people to wear it and use it as a part of their daily jobs. Define the pilot, implement the pilot. Don't worry about whether it's a success or a failure. The key is to get going, get the learning, and then forward to roll-outs.

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