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To say the least I’m very very sceptical. There seems to be a lot of posts of people raving about how great it is, but never really saying much, just saying that it is good and that’s all you need to know. Simultaneously, it’s hard to get differing opinions, There are a couple of posts showing the basic reasons why it isn’t great. But they are the same arguments for why is great.

Vim is a bad text editor. CMV. from changemyview

Where some say vim is more efficient, others say vim is less efficient.

“Easier then you thought”, to “it’s really difficult”

Config files are great, no they are a hassle

As for me personally, I have found the mouse to be a very powerful tool, I have tried setups that exclusively use the keyboard but I keep finding the mouse to be a good secondary device not really worth giving up. I don’t have RSI problems (Maintain good posture) So I even see that is a invalid excuse on why keyboard exclusively is just better.

I have tried other IDES for Java, and honestly nothing can replace eclipse from me (and no IntelliJ doesn’t cut it), but I cannot find a similarly good IDE for C/C++ on . I want something like visual studio IDE (not code) but alas its windows only.

Also disclaimer I haven’t tried vim, but I made this post to see if it is worth spending time learning.

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