Issues with 2018 13-inch MBP – Info Mac

I got a 13-inch quad-core touch bar MBP with 8gb of ram and 256gb SSD last week and have been having a few issues with it. The most minor ones seem to be slight graphical glitches that I would usually never think much of if this was a windows computer, but I came from a 2012 15″ MBP and never had any kind of problems. I’ve had it completely freeze and need to be manually shut down three times. None of them have been when the computer was under heavy load, just listening to music in iTunes and browsing in Safari. I also woke it from sleep the other day to find this on the screen…

I ran a hardware test and it didn’t detect any issues. Could these be software based, or should I take the computer to Apple and have them take a look at it?

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