Oracle GraalVM announces support for Nashorn migration – Info Java

Roughly 10Gb should be enough to build the polyglot native image.

Note step 7 is an optional installation step. The rebuilding of the polyglot image basically takes all languages and builds a big native-image out of it. This is rebuilding the entire VM with the newly installed languages, so it takes a while and needs a lot of memory. You can do all this steps once on any machine of the same OS.

We ship a polyglot native image by default with JS, but if you don’t rebuild it with the installed languages then you will not be able to access them from our native language interpreters. You will need to pass in –jvm if you want to run polyglot applications.

For running applications with GraalVM it depends on your application. But it can go below 16Mb for a simple js hello world.

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