Pitch to Win 6 Step Formula: “Optimism”

Justin Cohen's New Book: Step #3 “Optimism”

Moving right along with the key steps of the formula to win, step 3 is optimism. “I am optimistic that this is going to be an important part of the pitch to win process,” joked Justin Cohen, who was interviewed by John Golden on his six-step formula to pitch to win. Be sure to tune in every week to learn all six steps.


When exploring the central qualities of top salespeople, one might guess that it would be work experience or qualifications that led to success. However, the research suggests that it is actually optimism that makes for great salespeople. People who expect the best are quick to turn a problem into an opportunity. They , drink, and breath positivity, and that translates into their performance. When people have the positive expectation that they will get the deal, most often they do.

Getting the Deal:

Part of why optimism is so important in sales is because rejection is a constant. Sellers face rejection at every part of the sales cycle, and if you take a pessimistic approach, you will never get past that first no. It takes between 5 and 12 exposures to a product or service before people will be comfortable enough to buy. A pessimistic salesperson might be very qualified, but if they hear no, they think it's over. The optimist thinks that if they change their approach, and get back in there, there's a good chance they'll get a yes. And often, they do. “The optimist goes back,” said Cohen. “It's really as simple as that. Optimism is the mindset of persistence. Persistence is critical when it comes to sales, because of all that rejection.”

Why Persistence is Important:

Very few people immediately take on a new product or service. Quite frankly, that would not be very smart. There is a process of assessment that's required. This assessment process is something that goes back to these caveman brains of ours which, are taught to deal with a threatening environment. If someone has never heard of your product or service before, it is something that could be threatening. Buyers take the time to explore and get to know you and what you're offering before determining if it is safe to accept into their life or not. The rejection that salespeople face is par for the course, and a pessimistic person will fall short if they do not develop more of an optimistic approach to interacting and selling.

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To get a more in-depth look at how to pitch to win, be sure to check out Justin Cohen's book

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