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I took two programming classes on c++ and there I learned to use (xubuntu). It had a learning curve but I really liked working with it. It felt intuitive and far more clear then windows ever was. No bloatware or privacy issues, workspaces felt natural, software manager and settings where just how I would always have wanted it to be. And I liked the spirit of it, the opensourceness and even the minimalistic design. And godamn I hate the windows monopoly on so many levels.

  Recently my (Hp pavilion, 8 months ago, 1000 dollar ish) crashed and I was really fed up with windows so I didn't safe the baby and asked a programmer friend (app dev.) to help me get Linux Mint. He got it to work (said it would be easy, but took him some time). When I tried it out, I could only get internet at 3 feet (1meter) of the router, my audio cracked (music lover here) and videos weren't played properly. I googled the heck out of the said problems and spend more than a decent enough time trying to fix it (even reinstalled different linux versions).

I like programming (limited knowledge of cs though) and know that sometimes even trivial problems can take a lot of time and you need to persevere. But I spend so much time solving the basic functions of a computer internet, audio and video and they just GODAMN DON'T WORK!

  Am I just not the type of person that's meant for linux (not cs-y enough), do I just had bad luck with my laptop? Or is Linux with all it's complications about as good as any other multinational OS…

  tl;dr not a fan of windows, like linux very much but am totally incapable of getting the basic to work. Rant.

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