Samsung Brutally Mocks Apple’s Design Flaws In Latest Galaxy S9 Ad Campaign

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When it comes to the tech war between Samsung and Apple, the former hasn’t shied away from brutally taking down the Cupertino giant in its commercials.

In addition to poking fun at the iPhone X’s infamous notch and its notorious ‘Batterygate’ incident, Samsung takes jabs at the design flaws found in Apple’s products through its latest ‘Ingenius’ ad campaign.

One of the four commercials from the series, where an Apple ‘Genius’ fails to argue about Samsung Galaxy S9’s speeds, was previously featured on DesignTAXI.

These three other spots taunt the brand further by highlighting its shortcomings and the user inconvenience brought about by Apple’s poor designs.

This includes ‘Dongle’, where Samsung ridicules the iPhone’s lack of a headphone jack, ‘Fast Charger’ that emphasizes how Apple does not presently include a fast charger with their fast charging-compatible gadgets, and ‘Camera’ that subtly mocks “Apple fanboys,” whilst highlighting the Galaxy S9’s higher smartphone camera rating on DxOMark compared to the iPhone X.

Sure, you can use your wired headphones with the iPhone X, all you’ll need is a “double dongle.” Check out the comical spots below.

[via Inquisitr, videos via Samsung US, main image via video screenshot]

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