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LaComunity, one of Europe's leading rental sites in terms of the number of “instant booking” homes, has created The Rentals , the first fully decentralized vacation rentals network. The Rentals Network is an agnostic marketplace fully open to all the actors involved in the vacation rental sector (owners, guests, professional property managers, channel managers, and large online distribution platforms).

This network is an ecosystem developed in ‘blockchain' technology consisting of a token, a DApp and a Marketplace with a set of decentralized protocols implemented as “smart contracts” based on Ethereum protocols. This open and independent model allows any market player to use The Rentals Network to drive their business, reach more customers, book properties or create all kinds of commission-free vacation rental services, while increasing efficiency and credibility.

The Rentals Tokens (TRT) is the first token designed to reduce the inefficiencies of the supply chain in vacation rental market and cutting off the high fees charged by today's vacation platforms. The Rentals Token is an Ethereum ERC-20 token, created with `blockchain' technology, which allows not only a saving of up to 25% in transactions, but also incorporates all the information related to the homes and actors involved in each transaction. In this way, it improves the trust system that currently centralizes vacation platforms and avoids false opinions, possible frauds and illegalities or errors in prices and availability, among other benefits.

In the words of Francesc Sanz, the CEO & Founder of The Rentals Token and LaComunity, “the TRT Token was born to become the payment standard for the vacation rentals market worldwide. It doesn't have commissions and it's the first blockchain project that really solves the endemic problems of this sector, so it is an incentive for all interested parties”. Regarding The Rentals Network, Sanz states that “we intend to create the main decentralised blockchain model of the European travel market and a the next generation of travel DApps”.

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