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Our goal at Tinkercad is to make and making fun and engaging, while lighting a path to the future.

With that, the Tinkercad team is excited to announce the release of the to Fusion 360 (beta workflow), enabling users to take any design created with the basic primitives from Tinkercad directly to Fusion — simply with a click of a button!

Our community has built amazing creations with Tinkercad, and now you can extend those designs by sending them directly into Fusion 360 as solid models. That's right – native Tinkercad designs extendable with Fusion 360 workflows!


Start exploring new workflows today. The Send to Fusion command will appear as a new option within the Send To dialog in the 3D editor.

Capabilities include:

Extended Modeling


  • Round edges by adding fillets
  • Bevel edges by adding chamfers
  • Prepare for manufacturing by adding threads to holes
  • Hollow shapes with the shell feature

Make Drawings of Tinkercad Models

1. Create in Tinkercadt level

Create designs quickly using basic primitive shapes.




2. Refine in Fusion 360f level

Add fillet, chamfers, threads, and other modeling features to your models in Fusion.



3. Make Drawingsmake drawings

Create detailed drawings to document your models.



Smooth Models for 3D Printing

smooth models

Access Slicer for Fusion 360 (formerly 123D Make)

Create sliced flat patterns for cutting on your own or cut them on a CNC, laser cutter, waterjet, or other manufacturing method. Cutting paths can be created in the Fusion CAM environment.


Make Beautiful Images

Show off your designs in a whole new light. Create amazing images with Fusion 360 rendering.






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