Toblerone Bars To Return To Their Original Design And Increase In Size

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Toblerone could be reaching new peaks soon as it defaults to its traditional shape and upsizes.

The past year found the chocolate bar’s maker, Mondelez International, in a bitter tussle with UK value chain Poundland, which released its own version of the mountain-inspired candy, ‘Twin Peaks’. It did not end too sweetly for Mondelez, as Poundland had been given the green light to retail ‘Twin Peaks’ in limited quantities.

Poundland never denied that the design of its prism-shaped chocolate bars were influenced by Toblerone. Instead, it insisted that ‘Twin Peaks’ were in response to the original’s hugely criticized redesign, which had wider gaps in between slimmed-down triangular chunks.

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Originally weighing at 170 grams (0.37 pounds) each, Toblerone bars had to be reduced to 150 grams (0.33 pounds) to maintain their prices during times of inflation.

Thankfully, the new Toblerone will literally fill in the gaps of its downsized design, according to insiders—though it will come at a price.

Each bar will weigh at 200 grams (0.44 pounds), which is 33 percent more than its current version.

However, rather than costing about £1, it will bear a recommended selling price of £3.09 (US$4.06). Major supermarkets and retailers will be able to offer promotional prices between £2 (US$2.63) and £2.50 (US$3.28) for each Toblerone bar.

Would you pay for a slightly larger chocolate bar at three times the original price? If the new proportions still put you off, perhaps these super-sized Toblerone ice cream sticks might be right up your alley.

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[via The Telegraph, images via Toblerone]

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