UI Breakfast Podcast. Episode 116: Segmenting Your Users with Val Geisler

Portrait of Val Geisler

Every user is unique, yet we need reliable ways to group them into segments — so that we can understand them better and personalize their experience. Today our guest again is the lovely Val Geisler, an email onboarding copywriter and strategist. You’ll learn why segmentation is so important for SaaS companies, how to implement it, and how to target your segments via email and other channels.

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Show Notes

  • Episode 102: SaaS Email Onboarding with Val Geisler — previous episode with Val
  • ConvertKit (now Seva) — Val’s previous place of work
  • Userlist.io — Jane’s SaaS product together with Benedikt Deicke and Claire Suellentrop
  • RightMessage — a popular personalization tool by Brennan Dunn and Shai Schechter
  • Episode 105: Website Personalization with Brennan Dunn
  • Intercom, Drip — pre-acquisition email automation tools
  • Drip, ActiveCampaign, Drift, Customer.io, Vero — post-acquisition email automation tools
  • Kissmetrics — a popular analytics tool
  • Val’s website (make sure you subscribe for her famous onboarding teardowns)
  • Follow Val on Twitter: @lovevalgeisler

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